Fill the friendly Accident Declaration (DAAA), whether or not you’re considered responsible for the accident and obtain the signature of the other participants.


Fill your contacts and those involved in the accident, preferably mobile phones. They are essential for the process to run in the shortest time and to facilitate the necessary communications.

Send the DAAA to Segurexpert the same day or the day after the accident. You can do this by fax (289704938) or by email: or our website – does not exempt the original to be sent by postal mail to Segurexpert Urbanização Vila Formosa Bl A Nº26-A 8700 – 223 Olhão.

The faster Segurexpert has this information, faster it triggers the actions needed to address them.

Pedido de Simulação de Seguro

Nome Completo (obrigatório)

Contacto Telefónico (obrigatório)

E-mail (obrigatório)